Semalt: How Businesses Can Use Web Scrapers

These days, online business owners collect data about competitors, customers, shopping trends, new markets and new arrivals, and use a number of web scrapers to transform the raw data into an organized and structured form. Visionary managers and business leaders constantly scrape data and use it on their own sites to improve their search engine rankings. The researchers, decision-makers, and marketers also rely on the data for competitive intelligence, analytics, and business growth. Online data collection is made easy with web scraping tools, and the extracted data allows managers to make wise business decisions. The different uses of a scraper have been discussed below.

1. Fast and accurate information:

One of the best uses of a scraper is that you can obtain accurate data at a fast speed. Businessmen mainly scrape this data to find out what their site positions are and to generate more and more revenues in a short time. If you are a businessman and want to opt for a reliable web scraper, then and Octoparse are the right options for you. Both of these tools can be used to collect, scrape and store web content, and you can accomplish multiple tasks at a time without compromising on quality. It's safe to say that data extraction is automated with these two services, and you will get fast and reliable information with just a few clicks.

2. Track keywords of your competitors:

You may not be able to track the short-tail and long-tail keywords of your competitor manually, but it is crucial to a business success. With a reliable web scraper, you can easily track keywords, images, and product descriptions of your competitors' sites. Kimono Labs and Mozenda, for example, can help you scrape the pricing information of different sites at a time, saving your money and energy. Amazingly, both of these services are free and can be used to extract trillions of bytes of information from e-commerce sites, social media networks, news outlets, travel portals, discussion forums, and private blogs.

3. Centralized and real-time information:

Services like ParseHub,, and 80legs allows you to collect and scrape data in real-time. It is not possible for digital marketers and businessmen to pull information from dynamic web pages manually. However, these three tools allow to pull useful information and put it into an Excel, CSV or JSON file. Plus, you can use these web scrapers to fix minor grammatical or spelling errors in your content and evaluate the quality of your web pages. No doubt, web scraping is a reliable technique for businessmen who want to gain instant industry knowledge without compromising on accuracy and quality.

4. Stay Competitive:

Reliable data can transform your small-sized business into a full-fledged industry. Retailers and FMCG players use a number of web scrapers to stay competitive (the good examples are Spinn3r and Scrapinghub). Every second, the internet is generating quintillion bytes of information, and these two tools help you extract data from dynamic web documents with just a few clicks.